ACSI Nigeria



There are different categories of membership.

  • You can register as a Student Teacher.
  • You can register individually as a teacher
  • You can register as a school.


Schools to be registered must have been approved by the Government or must have commenced the process.

Schools to be registered must believe in Word of God, the Vision, the Mission Statement and Statement of Faith of ACSI.

Auto-renewal for returning member schools!

As the second decade of the twenty-first century begins, ACSI is seeking new and improved ways to provide resources, services, and benefits to all member schools.

Because of a number of comments we received from administrators and directors, we have adopted one major change, and we anticipate several more in the coming years. The most significant change you will see over the next several years is in the area of membership. We are researching and designing new ways to enroll and renew schools’ membership in the association. One of those ways is an auto-renewal program that we are preparing for this next school year. We believe this new process will simplify the renewal process for all schools and for ACSI as well. Instead of sending you a renewal form to complete, we will simply invoice your school for your membership on the basis of the school’s enrollmen